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Continuing Clients
May 20, 2018

“An incredible law firm, incredible attorneys, dedicated, hardworking, and most of all caring! We are privileged to be working with you! Thank you!”

Coleen Israel


Employment-Based Green Card
May 24, 2018

“With heartfelt gratitude, I highly appreciate every kind support and assistance from your office…

It really is priceless! And actually beginning of a new journey…

Thank You”



This is the BEST Immigration Law Firm in Los Angeles
May 11, 2018

“This is the BEST immigration law firm in Los Angeles in my opinion. If you want the BEST lawyers working on your case, this is the place. John Perry and Associates are very knowledgeable and experienced in the field, they’re very supportive and handle any procedures smoothly, he impressed me not only with the professionalism, but also with the art of communication as an outstanding attorney, they have a very good professional team with outstanding leadership and talented professionals.”

Alexey Pikalov


Impeccable and Diligent Professionals! 
April 26, 2018

“It was a great pleasure to work with Kate, John, Macy, JD, and Susan.

John and Kate have built a highly experienced team, which can support and advice you in any, even challenging, situations.

They always behave as impeccable and diligent professionals!

They answered all my questions in the shortest time and patiently explained me the essence of each step of the process.

I liked their detailed and scrupulous approach to the preparation of documents.

I will recommend my friends and colleagues to use their services!

Thank you!”

Arturo Lagrisola


March 2, 2018
Thank You to the Business Unit and John!

“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you who have worked very hard and help me get there.  Susan and Kate, you know how long that is. I apologize for causing the delay numerous times, and appreciate that you guys never gave up on me.  Again from the bottom of my heart I Thank All of You!”

“Thank you Atty. Perry for first of all accepting my case, and for providing hard working employees to work on it.  Your employees have been on top of it since the beginning.  I commend your office and most of all your employees for all their help in getting me there.”