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Los Angeles – A Personal Gateway to the World

February 7, 2019 Comment: 0

One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles and working as an immigration attorney is the opportunity to be part of the city’s dynamic and diverse mosaic of ethnic communities.  The richness of different cultures, histories and languages teaches me to see the world through others’ eyes, and I value how this helps me to see the commonalities among us.

From this viewpoint, I was excited to read this recent column by LA Times reporter Frank Shyong.  Mr. Shyong reports on ethnic communities and race for The Times.  In his words, “understanding the cultures of Los Angeles is central to understanding Los Angeles as a place…Our stories are our connective tissue. Here in Los Angeles we can learn about the world by talking to our neighbors and add perspective to charged online conversations by looking away from our screen and towards ourselves…in this column I want to reintroduce you to Los Angeles”.  It’s a privilege to have these opportunities to connect to the world, both as a resident of Los Angeles, and as an immigration attorney assisting those who seek to journey to the US.  I look forward to following along with Mr. Shyong’s reporting.

Click here to read Mr. Shyong’s article: “Forget it, Jake: If Chinatown is a metaphor for anything, it’s America”

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